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Welcome to my FAQ page.  Here's some information that will hopefully make transactions smoother.


At this point I'll only be accepting payments through paypal and all prices are listed in US dollars.  I won't be providing refunds, or taking back cars so please don't ask, once they are sold to you, they are yours.

I will expect payment first before shipping out any cars.  Yes, it's an act of faith on your part but I haven't let anyone down yet.  I have previously bought, sold and traded die-cast on known die-cast boards and have been lucky to have only good transactions.

I don't charge anything extra for packing materials or my time to package and mail like some other folks do, so please take that into consideration when you are making any purchases from me.


All packaged and loose cars will be bubbled wrapped and boxed, I don't use envelopes to send out diecast cars and frankly I don't think anyone should.  I'll fill out all the customs forms if necessary.  All packages will be extra wrapped with clear packing tape.


I live in Canada so all packages are shipped via Canada Post.  I will only ship with tracking in order to protect both the buyer and the seller.  I can combine purchases to save on shipping charges. Please note that Canada Post charges by the size of the packages and also by weight.  If you'd like an idea of how much it would cost to ship an item to you, let me know or you can see for yourself by checking the Canada Post website.


Communication is key.  After you've made a purchase, I'll contact you with the total cost with shipping.  If you think it's too expensive or change your mind, that's ok, just let me know at this point.  I'm not a big conglomerate or store, just a die-cast collector who is thinning out the collection.  I check my email and facebook page daily and will respond to you within a day or two. You can find me on Facebook "ottomo bile" and leave me a private message there or contact me directly via: mytoycars (at) gmail (dot) com.

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