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Welcome to Die-cast Cars and Trucks for Sale

Welcome to my site!

Hello and welcome to my die-cast for sale website.  I'm always happy to hear from die-cast fans all over the world when they see my little collection of vehicles which I post on my other website called

I always get a lot of questions about whether my featured cars and trucks are for sale and I can happily say that I'm thinning out some of my die-cast collection so I will be selling off my extras and duplicates.

About my collection

Currently, my die-cast collection consists primarily of Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightnings, Matchbox and Greenlights, and those are the brands I have extras of.  I won't be selling off any of my Code 3 Collectibles fire trucks, my Amercom firetrucks nor any of my M2 cars.  Unless specified, all of my die-cast cars and trucks are approximately 1:64 scale. It is also called S Scale or 3 inch vehicles (because that's usually the size of the cars and trucks).  I say "approximately" because some brands such as Johnny Lightning and Matchbox cars are a little smaller in scale, than say a Greenlight car which is supposedly an accurate 1:64 scale.

A lot of my Hot Wheels for sale will still be in package, although I will have some loose available.  I also have a lot of Johnny Lightning packaged and loose for sale.  My Greenlight collection is rather small but I have a few that are still in blister for sale.  I won't be grading my packaging, so if you are a cardboard collector who must have a pristine card, please don't buy from me. But if you have a question, about the condition of a car or card, please contact me and I'll be very happy to give you an honest assessment.

Chase cars

From time to time I might have some chase cars for sale such as Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts and Johnny Lightning White Lightnings, but I do not actively collect these and only have a few in my collection.

For Sale posts

I'm going to create a separate webpage for each vehicle that I have for sale and provide the details, the sale price and what it weighs.  The weight component will give you a better idea of how much your package will cost to ship from Canada Post (see more about shipping on my FAQ page).  Once an item has been sold, the webpage posting will be updated to reflect the new status.

If you need help, please consult my FAQ page for more information.  It's on the side bar right under the search box.

Thanks for looking!

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